Voice competition who asked wrist table sound better

Before the end of the estimated Patek fans with Vacheron Constantin fans will going to be a major conflict, but you may rest assured, is only battle of words on the Internet. Because this is the Vacheron Constantin 260 years, and last year was the 175 anniversary of Patek, are branded big commemoration of the year, sectarian bias is inevitable! Last year’s commemorative Watches Patek Ref.5175 known as the new King, set 20 features all in one, needs both sides displayed. The watch was only sold 6, ordinary fans only see, money can not buy, and annual flowers who became a hot topic, Patek Philippe made a 2014 bezel eye.

Voice competition who asked wrist table sound better?

As an old rival, Vacheron Constantin is not reconciled to the limelight Patek, riveting enough strength for 260 years of this table, and plan published on September 17, six months began to reveal details in advance, but do not give any information, keep football fans in suspense and curiosity of the public, is bound to 2015 to Vacheron Constantin bezel years.

Vacheron Constantin said it is the most complicated in the history of pocket watches, feature number than Ref.5175 Patek watches, apparently directed at the 150 anniversary of the commemoration of the Calibre 89 Pocket Watch Patek integrated 33 – a feature, known as the history of Pictet Florence Li the most complicated timepieces. Vacheron Constantin fans will be restless, Patek Philippe fan but would not agree to, and “King of the table” again.

Voice competition who asked wrist table sound better?

No matter how much the Vacheron Constantin pocket watch actual functions as a top-level complex features one of the most important indicators–timekeeping function, there must be, of course, released details of the photos have shown that self-Crow, Crow, three questions, mute, silent mode at night as many alignment work.

Voice competition who asked wrist table sound better?

In modern watchmaking sector, are more exaggerated, can make good time tables are the only standard to determine whether the top brands!

Whether it is the 150 anniversary of the Calibre 89 Pocket Watch Patek, or 175 anniversary watch Ref.5175, big Crow, little Crow, three-minute repeater, the alarm function is standard, Ref.5175 and date chimed, dynamic and striking status display and timekeeping, even timekeeping function from it the name Ref.5175 – master of string sound watch.

In the 19th century era of no lights, timekeeping function is a basic method was informed that time of the night, just as later developed luminous material, painted night light time scales and a pointer for easy reading in the dark is the same, that time Pocket Watch timekeeping function is a very normal thing.

Voice competition who asked wrist table sound better?

Modern people once again have the time table is used exclusively for playing: fingertip operation of pleasure when you start three questions, ears when listening to music and comfortable with inner joy when you tell time, and watch complex gear, gear, Springs as well as the sound operation of the mechanical beauty … … These requirements is watches product incomparable, is one reason modern Minute Repeater is almost sky-high.

Pocket watches, watches, timekeeping function Ming table and ask, first press the start mode is divided into two categories: hence the name too weird, ringing is automatic when the time, asked the table requires people to do “ask”.

Ming simply divided into big Crow, little ringing and buzz of three: large and small automatic ringing on the hour and every quarter of an hour to strike the difference is clock, ringing the complete quote, while ringing a few carved; alarm is set when the automatic start time.

Voice competition who asked wrist table sound better?

Ask the classification table is more like has asked Dan Wen, two and three, or asked, half quarter Repeater and five minutes to ask, but the classification is based primarily on timekeeping accuracy, are representative of most of them are precise to the minute Minute Repeater, asked of the scale there is little accuracy is not high, or five minutes to ask.

Three asked table most with playing fun, General is “Shi, and carved, and points” of time mode, most is two sound spring and two sound hammer structure: two root sound spring match their sound hammer can percussion out a high low two species pitch, “Shi” to bass reported out, “carved” to level collection sound reported out, “points” is is to treble reported out.

12:59, for example, generally three tables so striking: Fiyta co star Dan deductive light series smart

Then quarter of an hour, knocking 3 high and low chords of “Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong”

Last minute, striking 14 treble “Ding, Ding, Ding,……”

Quiet down patience listening, tell Ming sound, Moji times, then in brain in the imagine out clockwise and minute of indicates location, will informed has three asked table reported out of time can Ming reported out “Shi, and carved, and points”, three asked table is relies on three gold was called “spiral shaped round” of core gear: first gold is records minutes of “minutes spiral shaped round”, second gold is will minutes cumulative Hou of “carved Bell spiral shaped round”, and last a records hours of “hours spiral shaped round”. Behind these two really shaped as the name suggests, like a snail, minute snail more like windmills or boomerang.

Shi meter normal walking process in the, time information synchronization records in three a “spiral shaped round” Shang, dang through sliding rod or button started time device Hou, “spiral shaped round” Shang of time information through series gear, and tooth article, and cam, and card spring, passed to sound hammer, sound hammer has rhythm to percussion sound spring, will will now of time “reported” has out.

Voice competition who asked wrist table sound better?

Minute Repeater and more play, on the above basic, increases tone beep hammer, you can tap a variety of pitches; machinery increased activities will be in line with time; you can also change the way the time, such as quote “, the great,” and so on.

Increase the number of sound beep hammer, adding more combination of pitch and tone, given time table more musical interest, such as Patek Philippe Ref.5175 watch is the third spring, every moment has a specific combination of chords; root while the Calibre 89 has five springs, four for time, v is much special.

Product home years Qian also launched had a paragraph four spring four hammer of Super complex function wrist table, with four a sound spring, wrist table can percussion out four species different Mono, with hundred term: Patek Philippe Calibre 89 pocket watch as, regardless of is since Ming mode, also is three asked mode, known as are can tolls out most real of Westminster big Bell Carillon, is London that famous of Big Ben “Duang,Duang” of time voice.

Voice competition who asked wrist table sound better?

Increased activity is a good way to add q table viewing pleasure, many brands have launched this kind of work, such as Athens, Blancpain, and yakedeluo. Yakedeluo launched in 2012, the year bird Minute Repeater is one of the activities I.

Started three asked Hou, dial Shang two only into bird, three only young bird are will with of activities up: a only into bird slowly expand wings, addition a only into bird is kept of bow to young bird feeding, two only early out shell of young bird scramble into bird mouth in the of bug, addition a only young bird is broken shell and out, joined to scramble bug of war in the……

This watch of birds in stereo image rendering, color fidelity, has five of the many activities, there are waterfalls flowing, very suitable for play to watch.

Change the way the time and have to mention Langer launched in 2015, the new “OWL” three watches, it is based on “time, very,” model chimed, “owls” unique jump-time display dial, this time was appropriate.

Voice competition who asked wrist table sound better?

Also taking 12:59 as an example, starting three button, “owls” Timekeeping Mode is as follows:

Very, striking 5 high and low sounds “Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong”

Last minute, knocking 9 treble “Ding, Ding, Ding,……”

Hammers strike sound spring voice number is what you see display numbers, according to Langer’s is “What you hear is what yousee”. “The OWL” instantaneous jump show is in itself an interesting playing features, coupled with the highly fit “time, very,” three minute repeater, the minute repeater captured the hearts of many players.

You may have a question, why is the traditional three questions “, engraved, while” instead of “time, very,”? This Western habit-related: Western Digital systems, the “quarter” is a common concept, is the one-fourth unit is the idiomatic expression, it’s a bit like the Chinese saying “repose” is equivalent to 60 years.

Dollars in a quarter dollar coin, for example, is $ one-fourth, or 25 cent; for example the previously mentioned Patek once every 25 years celebration, because 25 is the one-fourth century, is a very important point!

Voice competition who asked wrist table sound better?

Direct dial you can learn, especially when rod, or digital mix stick hour markers, or diamonds hour markers, you will find the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock it would be different, because an hour is divided into four quarters, one-fourth hours need to be highlighted! So it is easy to see why the traditional three questions is “, carved, when” it, such as 12:59, in traditional 12.3 14 minutes, rather than we are accustomed to 12.59 points.

Playing with ask table fun a lot, but table prices are beyond the means of most watch lovers, maybe this time prices are artificially high, have asked the table really is a luxury thing.

Tell Patek Philippe minute repeater Watches Vacheron Constantin jingle competition voice of pocket watch


Little more fashionable look to ride the four European men shoes

Women in high heels and madness, because it can make women more beautiful, sexy man? Should have a few high quality leather shoes, please? It can make a man look more taste, temperament, so men can go crazy for shoes, can become shoe-controlled. Let us look at how men of Europe manage their shoes.

A: Derby shoes

Little more fashionable look to ride the four European men shoes

Four of the European men’s wardrobe essential shoes

This shoes are relatively formal name from United Kingdom town of Derby, and classic lace element, named for the Lace-up Derby Shoes. Traditionally speaking, this shoes match everyday suits more, but because with shoe leather and soft, are becoming increasingly fashionable, stylish look is with narrow-leg jeans or casual pants with narrow feet, this gentleman, not the lack of comfort is definitely dress the best match on Friday.

Little more fashionable

Little more fashionable look to ride the four European men shoes

Four of the European men’s wardrobe essential shoes

If you want to be more fashionable, you can roll up your trouser legs slightly, sexy men’s ankle does, of course, please do not wear socks!

B.Lace-up Suede Shoes with suede shoes

Little more fashionable look to ride the four European men shoes

Four of the European men’s wardrobe essential shoes

This shoe is derived from Lace-up Derdy Shoes shoes, due to application of Suede, and there was a Lace-up Suede Shoes. This shoe is more casual, more bookish nature, makes men less contrived, more refined. Wearing method and Derby leather shoes similar to, but not matching suits, because it does not belong to dress shoes.

C。 Bloch shoes

Little more fashionable look to ride the four European men shoes

Four of the European men’s wardrobe essential shoes

What styles of men’s shoes is more classic than this? Of course not, formally the Brock shoes can be worn with any outfit, yeah, that’s right, including your Tuxedo and swallow-tail, it can not only match the dress and will enhance dress sense. In recent years, due to the rich imaginations of designers, Brock, more and more fashionable shoes, suede material into; end of rope, so that it can be worn with casual dress also brog shoe closer to the people.

Color the little pensive

Little more fashionable look to ride the four European men shoes

Four of the European men’s wardrobe essential shoes

If you wear fashion Bloch shoes, try wearing a pair of high quality colored socks, men’s pensive, heart is not detail performance?

D。 Lok Fu shoes

Little more fashionable look to ride the four European men shoes

Four of the European men’s wardrobe essential shoes

This shoe from the perspective of its style will know how comfortable it is, most classic Tod’s bean Le Fu shoes, it is definitely the man of choice for weekend recreation. Whether it be with jeans or casual pants, you can match, it won’t let you go wrong, in the comfort of leisure life highlight in fashion tastes.

Be careful!

Little more fashionable look to ride the four European men shoes

Four of the European men’s wardrobe essential shoes

If your foot is not very good, or a high instep, feet wide, then carefully, because this shoe will expose your weaknesses.

HERM in Alès Hermes men's fragrance 50 ml

HERM in Alès Hermes men’s fragrance 50 ml

¥ 349.00 $ 645.00

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BVLGARI Bulgari blue for men Eau de toilette 100 ml

BVLGARI Bulgari blue for men Eau de toilette 100 ml

¥ 279.00 $ 750.00

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BURBERRY Burberry London new bug for men Eau de toilette 100 ml

¥ 249.00 $ 625.00

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KENZO Kenzo’s love of the pure water wind for men Eau de toilette 50 ml

¥ 209.00 $ 610.00

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Men’s shoes fashion in Europe and match wardrobe master men


Spell the feast beautiful needlework carpet tender eyes stop

67th Festival de Cannes Film Festival red carpet glamour girl power Flash killer, delicate spell, spell charm even more exotic styling limelight, attracted the spotlight together, eyes exponential explosion lights, people begging for more.

From left: Emilia Schule, and Irina Shayk, and Jessica Chastain, and Lara Stone

From left: Emilia Schule, and Irina Shayk, and Jessica Chastain, and Lara Stone

Left: Isabeli Fontana right: Irina Shayk

Left: Isabeli Fontana right: Irina Shayk List starting with the ten most t shirt

Bright yellow can wear are not flashing, on the red carpet in Cannes, Ronaldo girlfriend Irina Shayk and Isabeli Fontana have also selected the yellow dress, Irina Shayk in Atelier Versace spring/summer Haute Couture 2014 series playing exotic, high fork designed to show legs, but the scarf on her head was a great disappointment, covering the overall effect makes it very cumbersome. Then look at the same model Isabeli Fontana, deep v and high forks were clear enough, not to select such an eye-catching color? Matching yellow dresses the flaming lips is really tacky.

From left: Geraldine Palhais, and Laurence Ferrari, and Elena Lenina, and Ines de la Fressange

From left: Geraldine Palhais, and Laurence Ferrari, and Elena Lenina, and Ines de la Fressange

On the Cannes red carpet, red is love by many actresses. Geraldine Palhais Tux to her many weaknesses, thick waist and a small, protruding belly is very obvious. Laurence Ferrari, however this red dress is good, big bow design protruding waist curve, irregular skirt long leg lines, but the foot ointment to the Red high heels. Russia host Elena Lenina that body shape is far from satisfactory, huge Red skirt matching luxury headwear is very heavy, with a look of horror on, people really could not bear to look. Relative to their exaggerated, Ines de la Fressange is very low profile, high fork legs also every, handbags and high heels at the foot of the match men’s sexuality, but waist design exposes its fat, people have a mement aunt feeling.

Left: Elena Lenina: Laurence Roustandjee right: Lara Stone

Left: Elena Lenina: Laurence Roustandjee right: Lara Stone

Elena Lenina is clothing not amazing died began, in through na Mr movie premiere ceremony red blanket Shang select has pink drag to dress package body, chest Qian of giant silver ball necklace became has most sucking eye of weapons, like is out front smoothly led to of a series garlic, flavor strong, head Shang of disc sent more like is top with a huge gourd, two Deputy exaggerated of earrings and chest Qian “garlic” necklace mutual echoed, looks particularly out bit, completely no beautiful can statements. Also choose pink, Laurence Roustandjee and Lara Stone will not be so exaggerated, slightly sketchy tailoring, though hardly amazing, can be considered quite satisfactory.

Left: Victoria Bonya right: Mallika Sherawat

Left: Victoria Bonya right: Mallika Sherawat

On the red carpet, pale blue dress was one of the preferred, Victoria Bonya chose Tux color enough to pop but slightly cut design, back fold design allows the overall feel is too old. Mallika Sherawat blue lace dress is not only tailored to develop the perfect body curves, but old-fashioned hairstyle and extravagant earrings gild the lily.

Left: Jessica Chastain: Valerie Kaprisky right: Hofit Golan

Left: Jessica Chastain: Valerie Kaprisky right: Hofit Golan

Light blue may be too young, for maturing child star fan, dark blue is even more stable. Look at Jessica Chastain very dark blue asymmetric gown is very atmospheric, matching Blue high heels and dresses nicely at the foot, delicate earrings are for the full effect to add luster. Model Hofit Golan chest hollows out design hiding all tulle skirt material legs looming, temptation, and Queen earrings are more prominent, slightly exaggerated. Relative to the success of the two previous shapes, Valerie Kaprisky is bleak, no features to speak of.

Left: Jessica Chastain right: Emilia Schule

Compare Blue calm, purple dress race elegant feel, this is Emilia Schule this choice in a deep purple dress, with a perspective effect is very flattering with a black belt even more quality, then select a good earring is perfect. Compare Emilia Schule,Jessica Chastain lilac dress relative failure, asymmetrical shoulders let the arm look thick, waist folds at the waist to look like bucket, Jessica Chastain skirts are slit at the high exposed her elephant legs.

Dress red carpet eye Jessica begging for more so pretty exaggerated laraemilia


Pink color is a non taboo world of men pants

Ladies and gentlemen in the spring often choose ice cream, cream, pink, elegant and sweet colors, for men, these colors are not taboo, but very fresh, very suitable for wearing in the spring colors, the key lies in how to use color to balance some of these people feel “beautiful” colours.

Printed pants

This paragraph very with agricultural taste floral wide feet pants, to you to you wear take, you will how match, if tide people no a model in here, may you not know match of learned has more big, in sunny, everything vitality of spring in, body How can didn’t points color dress up about, dang we in match complex of floral pants of when, may wish to will other single products as select Classic color hundred take paragraph, such in match Shang also will easy some, tide people on select has ostrich color, and black, and white combination wear take, Floral pants full of trendy and unique Thunder.

Floral item recommended:

AMI self print silk blend pants about 6,367 Yuan

AMI self print silk blend pants about 6,367 Yuan

Wild style pants

When I wear when take the eye-catching colorful coats or shoes, monochromatic pants in the whole of the US plays a fusion without destroying the role, for men like products of the boom should be for Joker monochrome backing also has preference. For example, black, white, dark green, dark blue, wild colors, such as a single product, are an integral part of our clothing with a single one.

Classic plain-wild items recommended:

Givenchy black leather stitching jeans 6,750

Color pants

Yan color pants of wear take, many sportsman are not willing to to attempts to, total think is Niang gun are of logo paragraph, actually if wear take of good, not only not let you loss men style, while also can let you with a few minutes bad and a few minutes young of playful sense, reduced age sense and increased little of unruly this are is charm added points of key, select complementary wear take of way, or match classic hundred take color paragraph of single products are will is good of select.

Color pants item recommended:

Alexander McQueen pants 3,340

Printing color suit pants

Is printing, also plus yan color, such a paragraph profile full of pants, said up can harness of I’m afraid also no several’s, but actually wear take up, if master has several key points, also also will every edged and solutions, is on select match of annex views don’t is eye-catching of, and profile of, as is classic models and hundred take of, II is select single products as has a items is and pants wants to echoed of, and or select of annex each other is opposition and complementary of.

Printed stitching pants recommended:

Splice pants about 4,703 Kolor printing Diamonds capture a man s heart is skillfully take

Classic design style pants

Like lattice, and stripes, and wave points, pattern are for men clothing pattern in the using most square and classic of pattern, not only is design are scrambling select of design elements, and is tide people most willing to took out wear take of models one of, figure in the of tide people overall tones select has blue Department, then according to different of chroma opened has level sense, not only is shirt and suit of level, on even shirt and pants and socks of level are has echoed of effect.

Vertical stripes patterned pants:

AMI striped wool blend trousers about 2,367 Yuan

Items matching Joker print taboo classic men’s wear ride hipster


Three vintage watches recommend to you love nostalgia

There is a feeling that “vintage” early origin may be multiplied on the second-hand market of low, it reflects is a sophisticated, timeless classic charm. Our love of retro just like memories of the old days, people always think charm. Along with the nostalgia wave of heat flow, retro style in the world of watches has become a darling of designers. Today recommend these retro style watches, watch retro elements combined with high-tech technology, not only can you demonstrate personality, also allows you to emit different kind of temperament. Is angry birds hit the heart of the watch also has

Longines vintage classic series L2.775.8.23.3 wrist watch

Three vintage watches recommend to you love nostalgia

Model: L2.775.8.23.3

Case material: 18K rose gold

Strap material: alligator

Case diameter: 40 mm

List price: ¥ 79400

Watch reviews: Longines, in its most characteristic old style into the cutting edge of technology. Classic retro series watch is constantly seeking innovation, expressed respect for history. The watch is in the 1950 of the 20th century and designed for Switzerland development of airline pilots watches replica is a very representative of the classic retro products, its 9 o’clock position small second and date window, 3 o 30 minutes counters, 6 o date display window, case 18K rose gold, red number “12” a distinctive flavour.

Glashutte Original 20th century retro series watch 1-39-52-06-02-04

Three vintage watches recommend to you love nostalgia

Model: 1-39-52-06-02-04

Case material: stainless-steel

Strap material: alligator, Louisiana crocodile leather strap

Case diameter: 39 mm

List price: $ 59500

Wrist table reviews: Glashutte Original is top wrist table of heritage who, witness has 170 years de type tab of development history, Germany culture simple simple, and rigorous detailed of classic style in this gold wrist table in the to reflected–this gold has secluded blue dial of wrist table ornaments to Sun lines, elegant and rich beauty, chic of Arabic numerals appeared in 3 points, and 6 points, and 9 points and 12 points location, set has luminous material (Super-LumiNova) of Platinum pointer makes any moments are can clear read associate time. Watches a deep blue Louisiana alligator leather strap.

Zenith pilot watch 11.2430.4069/21.C773

Model: 11.2430.4069/21.C773

Case material: stainless steel

Strap material: oily nubuck leather strap with protective rubber lining

Case diameter: 45 mm

List price: $ 59000

Watch review: Zenith, this retro series watch is different from the preceding two paragraphs, I attributed to vintage it is because of the old stainless-steel case, strap using the Green oil nubuck leather, lined with rubber protection, hold in the hand and retro feeling arises spontaneously. Table diameter 45 mm, 30-minute lap at the 3 o’clock position, small seconds at 9 o’clock position, back bottom titanium Racer Juan Caf é Spirit (coffee chivalry),, pointer and are coated with light brown SuperLuminova SLN GL luminescent material, convenient for reading at night time. Match El Primero 4069 automatic winding movement.

Summary: fashion is a circle, true beauty is not going to fade over time. Classic watches in the past, now, future may wear. In this retro, enough to let the love of the past, take a vintage watch, cherish every minute and every second of be gone.

Vintage watch vintage watches recommend case alligator Zenith material strap


Casual wear test skills supermodel jeans vest a beautiful pedal burst

Don’t overlook I-vest combination in the summer, not only will your perfect curve modification, you can also make you more Sexy, we recommend early summer I-vest matching method, give you color a lift full of charm!

Supermodel jeans vest + one pedal out love to wear

Supermodel jeans vest + one pedal out love to wear

Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr)

Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr)

Miranda Kerr seems to have worn out outfit, usually her street with shoes is also a serious fan base not far from the foot, this I-vest + one female man pedal da’s foray model Chloe is wearing out and more casual sweater in his waist.

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio (Alessandra Ambrosio)

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio (Alessandra Ambrosio) Ten wearing trench coats of the most beautiful

Another one love workers Word vest + a feet pedal of Super die is Alessandra Ambrosio, and can son different, workers Word vest is Ambrosiu most love of single products, a summer we can see she of n paragraph styling are is man wind, distribution people Word drag, and a feet pedal in Ambrosiu body and losing rare thing, worth note of is Ambrosiu in waist between of Department buckle wear method, naked of beautiful good flesh let people envy jealous hate!

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio upper body taste explosion

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio upper body taste explosion

Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning)

Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning)

“Sleep beauty” actresses Elle fanning of sister Dakota Fanning in styling Shang does not like sister as woman taste full, instead, more like is one has literary temperament of female man, simple of workers Word vest distribution Tsai pants, feet Shang that double printing shoes to has she this paragraph styling new of defined, distribution Shang treasure blue handbags let whole paragraph styling are clear fresh cool of feel is for summer match.

Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani)

Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani)

Hot Mama shidifenni the printed jeans vest is Issey Miyake’s style, matching the nine simple individual quality pants, her signature red lip is still styling highlights, clothes don’t like complicated mm and Stephanie learn makeup style instantly high octaves.

Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani)

Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani)

Jeans vest mix Granny pants is cool and the street and meet the requirements of comfort, shidifenni all the “cool” are concentrated in the face, that show pink sunglasses are really cool!

Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift)

Although Taylor also is a sister loves red lips, but she feel like fire isn’t as strong as Stephanie, the jeans vest matching only a – shows long legs! High waist pants is to vest into elongated lower body proportions, stable Super 1.1-meter long legs in Taylor’s possession does not matter!

Mixieer·Kegan (Michael Keegan)

Mixieer·Kegan (Michael Keegan)

Vest + white letters black leather pants your body hot, though Taylor’s long legs looked fun but small show cleavage in the mixieer·Kegan match is the real purpose of LV handbags ditch of wealth, care properly.

Editor’s choice items: BY MALENE BIRGER-Amandan floral printed silk crepe de chine shirt, 1754RMB

RAG and BONE-Franklin mesh mosaic crepe coat, 2509RMB

SACAI-Sacai Luck lace-trimmed cotton knit shirt, 2110RMB

ZOE KARSSEN-Keep Paris Burning tank knit vest, 543RMB

Jeans waistcoat vest a pedal super model with her Ambrosiu model Miranda Kerr


Looks warm and furry items the most hot mamaThe

Led by fur furry items look soft and warm, in the snow in early spring, put on for the occasion. To refer you to a fur coat, lambs wool coats, plush coats and furry items, ice and snow wear.

Furry items look 1

Furry items look 1

Match the model: white plush coat full of fresh, just with a simple jeans and ankle boots will keep warm and cool, snowy accompaniment for the occasion.

Recommended items

① Stella McCartney mahai wool faux fur coat $2,217.06

② H&M tight low-rider jeans is $ 99

③ Mango grey sweater is $ 249

Black ASOS ALTERNATE ankle boots 450 CNY

Furry items look 2

Match the model: frizzled feather coat is cool, and warm, furry lining to be rejected, with gray sweater and pants, plus black shoes and bags, can neutralize love dress up girls dress like this.

Recommended items

① Mango convertible with leather sleeves dust coat is $ 1699

② H&M grey tight pants is $ 199

③ Mango cable knit cotton sweater is $ 99

Black ASOS ANYWAY leather block ankle boots 692 CNY

Furry items look 3

Match the model: How can little fur coats in the winter? jujube red fur with black leather pants and high heels, sexy Queen fan, fluffy fur to keep warm is also strong.

Recommended items

① MICHAEL KORS fur dark brown mix material 2670 CNY

② Mango mosaic plain trousers is $ 199

③ Mango lychee skin tote bag is $ 459

Black-H&M Black Suede heels 299 CNY High round led by new year lucky red watches equipped

Furry items look 4

Match the model: athletic fur can match a street style, leather pants and matching short boots legs long and slender, brown bag is very casual.

Recommended items

① C&A faux fur coat is $ 399

② H&M leather trousers is $ 199

③ ZAra fringing SWIG backpack is $ 799

Black Zara lace leather boot is $ 899

Single product fuzzy with fur mango leather jacket pants booties coat