Expensive Carina LAU wedding accessories

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai Carina sent 12 Carat Cartier diamond ring as a wedding gift.

Expensive Carina LAU wedding accessories

Carina LAU expensive Cartier’s 12-carat diamond ring

Diamond ring: Cartier 12 CT

According to staff said Tony Leung send Carina 12 Carat Cartier diamond ring as a wedding gift, and Zhang Ziyi, the engagement ring she wore the same size. And Carina LAU wedding day accessories is also a full set of Cartier.

Expensive Carina LAU wedding accessories

Longines Watch TLC Wedding Watch

Watches: Longines TLC Wedding Watch

Carina LAU were custom-made Longines Longines TLC global unique Wedding wedding Longines Watch watches to celebrate Ambassador for Miss Carina LAU wedding, spent half a year, was unique in the world of tailor-made a Longines Watch TLC Wedding Watch given to her as a wedding present.

RogerVivier shoes

Shoes: RogerVivier

Carina LAU is wearing a pair of Red Roses at the wedding style RogerVivier heels, worth about 8700, brand from France. Tissot Qutub Minar bloom collection diamond women

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Cartier Longines expensive Carina Carina LAU wedding accessories Tony ring


ESPRIT and Song Hye Kyo and together to create impressive spring series

ESPRIT and Song Hye Kyo and together to create impressive spring series
ESPRIT and Song Hye Kyo and together to create impressive spring series
ESPRIT and Song Hye Kyo and together to create impressive spring series

New shapes adapt to a variety of needs, whether in glaring attention was leisurely ease, can find your inspiration in this series. #SongStyle spring series with 2017 shape will be held on January 9 in Esprit Asia stores and website were last, the song will also share with you her #SongStyle new year series pairing tips and inspiration!

ESPRIT and the song I hope you enjoyed a dazzling Spring Festival! Beyond the classic set the fashion popular Uniqlo

Meteor Garden God Van Ness across the watch time

From the Meteor Garden, the peach girl started, Van Ness of the like from Japan jumped out of the comics big boys, can be said to be to the real life version of “flower boy” wrote a definition of chic, cool, stylish, polite, not real people. When that hour, was refreshing to sit in front of me, as if through the General, time never seems to give Van Ness of face, figure any annoyance flaws. Just some clues that VanNess Wu still is not quite the same, perhaps slightly of radiating gas field has changed, perhaps content that adds a different smile, maybe confidence was more restrained in the eyes, or maybe he would have read that he is not the same with the outside world. VanNess only handsome in front of free and easy to describe, it seems too simple.

Meteor Garden God Van Ness across the watch time
Meteor Garden God Van Ness across the watch time
Meteor Garden God Van Ness across the watch time

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Van Ness across the gods watch men’s watch flower boy reality not as advertised

Hollow feat rare art watches

Hollow wrist watch advent, watches every piece of gear and pinion and other internal parts and each point carefully edge, polished and modified, and the perfect gesture to show people. When the watch bracelet sparkling diamonds temperament

First hollow wrist watch

First hollow wrist watch

Rare crafts

Rare crafts

Mechanical structures for the intricate and exquisite technology, make hollow wrist watch a rare crafts

However, the clock master not only satisfied with the exquisite grinding technology, further to Polish their skills, cosmic movement into a work of art, either the motherboard or cross the bridge, after staff carefully carved and polished, show unique streamlined beauty. After multiple uncompromising process, movements for more than half of the metal will be removed. Each watch’s Board, cross bridge and decorated with gold-plated or gold lace, elegant and magnificent all prominent positions have been carefully to watch masters of carving and polished. Watchmakers decoration known as the “hollow process” made watch is called “hollow’s Watch”. Gold farming techniques and the perfect combination of technology, coupled with jewel-encrusted technologies, such as barrel-shaped Malte Tourbillon skeleton fine jewelry watches, is refreshing.

High-jewelry watches

Bucket Malte Tourbillon pierced high jewellery watches, refreshing

In fact, this is one of the best of the match, because only time can truly test the eternal beauty of diamonds. Therefore, the clock master are selected in the watch set diamonds and other precious stones. Watches and since then became one of the collections of emperors. Mechanical structures for the intricate and exquisite technology, make hollow wrist watch a rare handicraft. Today, most brands of watches perspective only a few movements, such as precision mechanical devices, only a very small number of clocks and watches of the brand can make completely hollow. All along, the Vacheron Constantin to the legitimacy, perfect cut technology refining different kind of hollowing out the watch–from the simplest to the most sophisticated mechanical device models. Management has been to save and reproduce them from the Geneva watchmaking as its mission a few centuries ago, won all the word of mouth.

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Watch hollow feat hollow wrist watch rare art and craft timepiece perfect

2013 SIHH luojiedubisi balance wheel Hairspring Silicon watch

Roger Dubuis luojiedubi Excalibur Quatuor, table, such as its name, is the world’s first silicon watch equipped with four balance wheel Hairspring, is of extraordinary significance in the history of Haute Horlogerie. Whole mechanism of four musicians, in collaboration with five differential simultaneous interpretation of a piece of music, was the Supreme challenge to gravity.

As one of the 21st century’s most innovative watch manufacturers model–Roger Dubuis luojiedubi precision machinery for, Excalibur Quatuor again exceed precise limits, it is a major breakthrough in modern watchmaking.

Luojiedubi Excalibur Quatuor Silicon watch

Luojiedubi Excalibur Quatuor Silicon watch

The balance wheel Hairspring, soul of mechanical watches

Balance wheel Hairspring as core components of the mechanical watch has been a cause of concern. The part control timer operation to determine precision. Now there is only a very small number of other parts plants have the ability to produce their own movement, and made the balance wheel Hairspring in the field of Haute Horlogerie is commendable. Roger Dubuis luojiedubizheng is completely independent production this key part is one of the few comprehensive table factory. With this superior technology, the Geneva watchmakers emphasises four balance wheel Hairspring are integrated in the same movement, creating an unmatched luojiedubi Excalibur Quatuor d balance wheel Hairspring watches.

Since 2000, Silicon is used to make technical components to improve the accuracy of movement. RD101 movement to overcome hitherto considered insurmountable technical difficulties. Beyond technical limits, taking on incredible challenges is the eternal pursuit of brand, du he is adhering to the idea of Roger Dubuis Roger launched watchmaking history’s first Silicon case watch.

2013 SIHH: luojiedubisi balance wheel Hairspring Silicon watch

Silicon for its unique light and hardness become the watch of choice for special parts. In fact, Titanium is twice times lighter than steel, and Silicon are twice lighter than titanium, titanium but its hardness is 4 times. Its unique dark grey made this iconic work to be Thatcher. Atomic structure of silicon and diamonds of similar atomic structure, its processing is like diamonds requires advanced professional skills. Roger Dubuis Roger du then recruit more capable personnel, and the use of cutting-edge technology, this “metal Crystal” material to create the chronometer.

Two major innovations, improve the timing accuracy

As star of the SIHH2013 series product, Excalibur Quatuor watch global limited release, Roger Dubuis luojiedubi passion, courage and originality of performance thoroughly. This unparalleled watch our watchmaking tradition and gather a number of technical innovations, not only is equipped with four balance wheel Hairspring, power-reserve display mechanism is also refreshing. The two superior technology (patent pending) was not developed for research and development, but the relentless pursuit of watchmaking precision to prove.

Luojiedubi Excalibur Quatuor rose gold watch

Luojiedubi Excalibur Quatuor rose gold watch

Because of gravity, with the wrist swing, the watch keeps changing to produce a run of errors. Although Tourbillon can solve this problem, but Excalibur Quatuor provides new solutions. Four balance wheel Hairspring Excalibur Quatuor, working in pairs, elaborate layout, you can instantly run error due to offset position change. In other words, the Tourbillon minute offsets the force of gravity, Excalibur Quatuor seconds offset.

Stunning 16 Hz frequency of traditional watch is equipped with a frequency of 4 Hz balance wheel may be regarded as high-precision watch, Excalibur Quatuor watch high frequency vibration limits for future breakthroughs, this is equipped with four of the balance wheel Hairspring watches frequency of 16 Hz. 16 Hz is about basic movement, rather than just the movement of these features can be described as a remarkable technical achievement.

Four groups of the balance wheel Hairspring swing 4 times per second, the Excalibur Quatuor frequency 4 times, because all of the balance wheel will not oscillate at the same time. This design for precise timing to provide new safeguards, with harmonious soft high-precision timing of nature instead of the traditional watch’s “tick” sound. Pay to buy celebrity love feature watches

Equipped with four of the balance wheel Hairspring movement

New and unique power reserve display

Excalibur Quatuor watches not only challenges the law of gravity and high vibration frequency, power-reserve reading mode is unique. Crescent-shaped barrel and dual display sync, that is running 4.5, the pointer then turned at a relatively slow speed. With the consumption of power reserve, pointer with the barrel work, accurately refers to the two crescents appear on the arc dynamic storage. This innovative mechanism beautiful creative, precise, reliable, intuitive, patent pending, is perfect for brand Roger Dubuis Roger du another symbol.

Differential 3+2=5 Group = 7 years research = more innovation. In 2005, Roger Dubuis Roger du he introduced a floating equipped with differential Tourbillon watches, shocked the industry. Roger Dubuis luojiedubi with this superior technology, after seven years of research and development launched Excalibur Quatuor watches. This watch masterpieces brings together a number of extraordinary technology, besides the new consolidated four balance and power reserve indication, also equipped with five diff. Three of them connected with the balance wheel in a watch gear train, a city located in the Central gear, the other two is on a three-wheel, ensure balance balance while achieving impeccable precision and accuracy. Fourth diff to ensure power-reserve indication, the fifth link on the connection with two parallel barrels.

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Innovation Watch balance wheel luojiedubiluojie excaliburroger movement of gravity

Daphne to join hands in FACE of fashion Association charity event in Shanghai

Daphne to join hands in FACE of fashion Association charity event in Shanghai

Yu Heng bee girl Shining Stars Zhang Guoli Liu Qian 2016 Daphne to join hands in FACE love journey warm unlimited

In recent years, as the fashion industry’s most influential charity activities also attract many star performers arrived at the scene to help out! FACE fashion Association charity activities of love Ambassador-bee girls team also attended this times activities share charity visits experience, with most warm heart of story moved site each personal; deeply General fans like of singer catch this year also representative “love of traces” charity education project attended activities, with actual of action thanks FACE of donation; performances artist Zhang Guoli this year also special time attended, does to FACE years in charity of contribution and pay said certainly; global well-known magician Liu also not forget good beginner’s mind, The positive energy is passed to everyone!

Daphne to join hands in FACE of fashion Association charity event in Shanghai

Ambassador bee girls team vitality share experiences

Honeybee girls team since its debut, constantly active with youth, sweet and warm the heart of the image. Become the FACE of fashion Association charity Ambassador of love for them, short which was involved in many charitable visits FACE, and today Ambassador also special share in FACE love impressions and experiences involved in charitable activities in the near future, with the warmest heart story site everyone! Bee girl teams share in the field, said: “the bee girl always uphold the” Bee “spirit, personally joined the charity, hope to do what we can, the love and warmth are passed to more people in need. Charitable visits and FACE together, and we learned a lot of things, can do so through their own strength to help others, and really happy! 」 PUMA Zhang Yuqi together its star coaches sports

View changing face wash to the immortal muses

Zhang Ziyi and Aaron Kwok as Chinese actors to visit the site of the loaded album. In addition, Japan actors Ping Shanhao Hiroyuki Hirayama, Korea popular Idol Zheng Xiujing Krystal ceno TOD’S such as supermodel Jin Dachuan brand friends, and celebrities are all there, feel these over time space around elegant souls.

View changing face wash, to the immortal muses

Ziyi Zhang

View changing face wash, to the immortal muses

Aaron Kwok

View changing face wash, to the immortal muses

Zheng Xiujing

View changing face wash, to the immortal muses

Hirayama-HO Focus on GIORGIO ARMANI Beijing life art

To TIMELESS ICONS, this Festival brings together since the last century films, stars in the field of art, culture and fashion giant, shiny curtain.

View changing face wash, to the immortal muses

Jin Dachuan

As the world’s only invited to the Festival’s international supermodel, Jin Dachuan debut for this brilliant legend adds a youthful energy. Since the debut in 2013 after the Milan menswear week, he on several occasions in Milan, Paris fashion week hit China male model, and the first Asian male model, into an international fashion hot Chinese face in the field. His footprints also show contemporary Chinese fashion in the global status and influence. On this night, Jin Dachuan, as a new generation of international supermodel and TOD’S meet, not only embodies the brand’s focus on youth culture, underscoring Jin Dachuan in this era of vitality in the most dynamic pulse and spirit.

How to accomplish a classic, how to shape the era of muses? TIMELESS ICONS Festival appearance of the characters in the world recalls the bright moments in those years: from the Oscar-winning actress Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn), generation of supermodel Idol Cui Ji (Twiggy) and Brigitte Bardot (Brigitte Bardot) to the internationally renowned Chinese actress, female supermodels on behalf of Zhang Ziyi, Liu from Oscar winner Marlon Brando (Marlon Brando), Generation 2016 was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, pop songs of Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan) to hit Hong Kong’s “four kings” actor Aaron Kwok, one of Chinese youth representative of the Dawei Tong, and so on. TOD’S classical tradition, meet in the future.