Sun. July 13, 2014 – By myself 13th World Cup Final , What great excitement!

“Sunday July 13, 2014 – By myself 13th World Cup Final , What great excitement! ”

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September 13, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under Sports

Anordna! Ha! In my article on Sun. June 29, 2014, quarterfinals’ work-time, I predicted that Germany, 2014’s best team; likely winner likewise; would meet Argentina in modern day W-C final!

I am very don’t often wrong, except with lottery revenue!

Brazil, including Neymar, is popular, while skipper Tiago Silva is truly world class and was missed, though comparisons to past Brazil big is sacrilege!

I even supposed bets that Brazil, awful every tournament, would not make the final. None of us took me up. They were a disaster loitering to happen, and should have lost from Undertaking 1 v Croatia.

To date, Below are ‘enjoyed’ 13 Soccer World Cup of coffee Finals, from 1966.

A “country-boy”, turning 13 in 1966, consequently scared when I was to attend absolutely one Guyana’s better high schools, Major High School in Georgetown, I cannot do not much about 1966’s final, other England beating (West) Germany, controversially; 4 – 2 .

England’s a bit of 3rd goal, by Geoff Hurst, per Swiss referee Gottfried Dienst, is still questioned. Did the baseball actually cross the goal the queue?

Thankfully, 2014’s new goal-line concepts has, to a point, solved who type of mystery!

1970 was a detailed ‘coming out’ year, including discovering international football!

17, in sixth form, good at mathematics and savoir, representing CHS at table tennis, house warming and cricket, I was primed relating to my first series for Guyana; West Indies Under-19 cricket tournament situation; played in Guyana.

With my dad, who also died in 1970, for every kick was followed on a short-wave Phillips tubed radio as big as good 13-inch television.

Had Italy, like Luigi Riva and Gianni Spiaggia, played any other team in 70s final, except maybe similarly good Germany, including Wolfgang Overath on top of that incomparable Franz Beckenbauer, my “best player ever”, Italy could have was the winner.

But Brazil was mesmerizing, whipping Italy 4-1 in Azteca Ground, Mexico, nearly 108, 000 submit!

Stupendous, superlative, spontaneous, Brazil’s 70 names still swing off the is usually a like magic – Felix, Piazza, Everaldo, Carlos Alberto, Pele, Tostao, Rivelino, Gerson, Brito, Clodoaldo and Jairzinho – best team to play house warming anywhere!

Assistant Air Traffic Control mechanism in 1974, when “Kaiser Franz” lifted FIFA’s new World Cup even as Germany’s captain, I too am playing much football, using increased and elasticity from that faster game title to help my stamina and physical for cricket!

2014’s Germany isn’t as good as 1974’s, not even 1990’s, though that Brazil shellacking, 7-1, am brutal. Germany could have scored $16!

Playing Test cricket by 1976/7, I was pleased to be contracted to be able to Lancashire County Cricket Club, Stansted, and able to view all of W-C 1978 from Argentina.

The “Live” commentaries of 1978’s tournament continues in, including 2014, the best descriptive, blow-by-blow broadcasting I have ever heard, in any training!

Osvaldo Ardilles and Mario Kempes powered Argentina. Holland fought featuring Ruud Krol and Johnny Representative.

Argentina’s 1978 W-C victory must have been a small miracle too. The country am under strict military rule!

1982, trained as a commercial pilot, on top of that family man, still playing relating to WI, Brazil was led made by “Dr. ” Socrates.

But Brazilian, and (West) Germany – finalists – led by excellent Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, could not stop Italy, knowing that gazelle, Paolo Rossi. Italy find better than (West) Germany 3-1!

1986, transfered to USA, I saw the “Hand of God” goal, by primary the best player ever, Diego Maradona.

The greatest irony is that Maradona towards the top of a 2nd goal that day likewise, “best individual goal ever”, taking ball from mid-way in his are the owner of half, “beating” most of England’s outfielders, before scoring. Spectacular!

Argentina find better than (West) Germany in that splendid quite; 3-2; 114, 000 attending thanks at Azteca Stadium.

Assistant Operator by 1990, when Germany, reunified, exacted immediate revenge, beating Australia 1-0, in Rome, a bloody final, but confirming Beckenbauer, 1974’s winning captain, 1990’s winning forex trading broker, as the genius and legend appropriate remains!

USA 1994 brought excellent innovation by ESPN. With concepts advancing steadily, ESPN superimposed unrelenting games inside an envelope bordering is known as a screens, which still showed sponsors’ continuous commercials too. Brilliant!

Overtime 0-0, Brazil beat Italy 3-2 on penalties, dedicating their defeat ? upset ? result to Formula 1 driver Aryton Senna, who also died in year 1994. America caught soccer fever now too!

Re-migrated to enraptured Carribbean, and piloting, by 1998, the moment Jamaica represented our region quite, all enjoyed as surprising Finnish, finishing with 10 men, though including magnificent Zinadine Zidane, find better than deFENDI iPhone 6ng champions Brazil 3-1.

2002, South Korea and Japan, per experiment, two countries hosting at last, which FIFA won.

Brazil was the winner its fifth championship too, whipping their nemesis Germany 2-0, the greatest two teams in competition, extremely defensively, courtesy of a magical talk by Ronaldo.

2006 was “Soca Warriors” time, Trinidad & Tobago carrying our exuberant enjoyment to be able to Germany, where, after extra time, 1-1, Italy eventually beat France onto penalties 5-3, the other head-line to become 1998 French hero Zidane to become sent off for head butting Italy’s Marco Materazzi!

2010’s quite, in South Africa, saw Spain find better than Holland amid noisy vuvuzelas as well plethora of yellow cards, with the most dastardly final ever, Spain in the long run winning, 1-0, through Andres Iniesta.

Massive excitement, 48 years of W-C finals. 2014, Germany meet Australia, again. History does repeat again, several times! Enjoy!

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